‘Painapurru Old Fashioned’ and Ramen

LONDON: Naomi gives 4/5 stars to Bone Daddies Kensington.

Amidst the picturesque London scene of red buses and red brick along Kensington High Street lies a new hotspot for ramen fans, hidden in the depths of Whole Foods Market. But rather than for ramen, I personally think it should be famous for their drink names which feature excellent Japlish!

Bone Daddies Kensington opened last November, the third restaurant to add to the London-based company’s portfolio. They bring their signature hirata buns and dishes such as Curry Ramen and Tonkotsu to West London.

Okinawa sunset bone daddies
My beautiful glass of Okinawa Sunset

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of their menu was their drinks. Looking at the mocktails and cocktails, my friend and I giggled over their Japlish names: ‘BD Fruity’, ‘S&M’ (strawberry puree and mint), ‘Pink Onna No Ko’ and the very best – ‘Painapurru Old Fashioned’. Opting for a mocktail, I chose an ‘Okinawa Sunset’ (orange, pineapple and lime juice, grenadine syrup) and my friend went for the ‘Soft Cocktail’ (watermelon, apple and lime juice, calpico). Both were delicious (but matched by their prices, at £4.20).

As for ramen, I picked a Tonkotsu dish which was a safe bet. The meat was a bit on the plain side, but the delicious broth, the scrummy eggs and the comfort of the noodles made up for that.

Tonkotsu ramen bone daddies
Tastes like home

It would be a stretch to say that this ramen place is spectacular, but if you fancy a warming meal then head over for some solid, good ramen, with a nicely wide menu. I appreciated it greatly because I was gasping for some decent ramen! The ambiance is great for a casual catch-up lunch with friends, but probably not anything more formal. Bear in mind that the acoustics sometimes make hearing one another a struggle, although this probably makes it ideal for families since the place is so relaxed. Open all day, from 11am it serves lunch and dinner. Also opposite the Shabu Shabu restaurant, Whole Foods cafeteria is a perfect place to stop off if you fancy some Japanese staples.

Bone Daddies can be found on the First Floor of Whole Foods Market, 63-97 Kensington High Street, The Barkers Building, London, W8 5SE.

Author: Naomi

Twitter: @Naomified @ThinkingJaplish

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