‘A Recipe for an English Christmas’

At last, the Christmas season has drawn to a close and we hope that everyone who is celebrating has had an enjoyable holiday. After an enormous amount of mince pies, I finally feel satisfied. Here’s a little something poetical which I’ve written to record and celebrate the quirky spirit of the ‘English Christmas’.

Wind howls whilst windows shake,
Whole house begins to quake,
Winter frost bites to the bone,
It’s jolly good we’re all at home.

Log fire crackles with excitement,
Dog’s tail wags impatient,
It’s Christmas time and we’re all gathered here,
For warm merriment and Yuletide cheer.

Little children, humming hymns,
Weave through their parents’ limbs,
Fall and cry upon the floor,
Attention given but tears for more.

Trail of wrapping paper, half chewed,
Follows path of dogs amused,
Down, dog, down!
Eyes on those pigs in blankets,
Send spaniels back to their baskets.

Cuppa tea and Christmas pud’,
Stampede for cake, floor boards thud,
Cheeks glowing with the brandy,
At last, all is fine and dandy.

By Naomi

Author: Naomi

Twitter: @Naomified @ThinkingJaplish

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