Star Wars: Tokyo Sky Walk

Calling all Star Wars fans! Tokyo Sky Walk is an exhibition in the top galleria of Tokyo Skytree, and it is well worth a visit. In fact, this is my top pick for a day out in Tokyo at the moment! It’s there till 11th February, 2016.

Skytree pulls out all the stops here: surrounded by the spectacular view of Tokyo, 450m in the air, you can see interesting Star Wars collectables, including a set of “Japan Originals”. You can also pose with Stormtroopers or queue up for professional photos of you with a lightsaber!

Skytree 2.jpg

Skytree 8

In the days of its recent conception, I had my doubts about Tokyo Skytree. As a diehard Tokyo Tower fan, I was suspicious of this younger, cooler sibling. However, this winter I have visited Skytree twice and it is now my #1 recommendation for a day out in Tokyo! It is a bit far from more central areas like Shibuya; however, if you are in the area then it is more than worth the trip (if you are touristing, then it is near Asakusa temple, for instance).

Star wars 1.jpg

I went on a weekday evening and the queue time was “five minutes”, according to Skytree staff. It turned out to be a little longer, around ten minutes; however, the queue moved with incredible speed. Japanese efficiency was at work! On New Year’s Day I heard that the waiting time for tickets was three hours! I would not recommend coming here on a Japanese holiday, and possibly be hesitant about it on a weekend. Otherwise, you will have to wait a long time for tickets, and then it will be very crowded once you’re up there!

It’s ¥2,060 for a ticket to the Sky Deck, then ¥1,030 for a ticket to the Tembo Galleria. You can reserve tickets online for the Sky Deck here. Tickets to the Galleria (450m; the Star Wars exhibition), however, have to be bought on the day from the Sky Deck (350m).

Star wars 4

The whole experience feels a bit like Disney Land, especially with the highly trained and ever-grinning staff on hand to give you a talk before you enter the elevator. The winding galleria of Skytree feels like a spaceship. Even the toilets look particularly space-ship like and open as if they are air-locked.

Star wars 2.jpg

Star wars 3.jpg

Star wars 8

Star wars 9.jpg
I was amused to find artwork of Star Wars, Japanified. I would buy one!

Star wars 10

Star wars 11
These dolls were a little creepy
Skytree 10
Standing on a glass floor and looking down… Everyone else was very scared but I didn’t feel that way at all!

This is a perfect day out for families, friends or a date (there is a café up there which looked rather romantic!). I had a great time with my family and would highly recommend!



Author: Naomi

Twitter: @Naomified @ThinkingJaplish

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