Eating Japlish: Noodle Nation

Food + chat


Naomi: So – Noodle Nation.

Taro: Mhm, Noodle Nation.

Are you a fan?

I am an ardent fan. I am converted from my old ways of snobbery. I was initially suspicious because it was called Noodle Nation which sounded… it sounded um you know ‘non-Asians try to cook Asian food’. But I went there and it’s very reasonably priced, generous portions, and very tasty! And they have student discounts.

You were very fussy about it before…

I was very fussy about it before. Well I explained to you that I am now a convert and I repent of my previous sins. I know from now on not to judge a book by its cover.

I think that that’s the main lesson to learn here. Slightly amusing, isn’t it? I think that you’re just quite fickle!


Yeah, actually. You have very strong opinions about restaurants.

I think I’m not fickle, I’m just misguided. But rarely misguided. This was a rare occasion that I was misguided.

Uh oh… let’s talk about what we ate. So we went to Noodle Nation recently.

So we went to Noodle Nation and you ordered a Thai green curry. But we all know the rule is that you should always order what is in the name of the restaurant. You broke that rule and you regretted it because it wasn’t very nice, was it?

Noodle Nation 2

It was delicious!

It wasn’t very nice, I tried it.

So what happened was, I picked Thai green curry because I’d had it before at Noodle Nation and it was delicious. Taro chose, what was it? Noodles? Some kind of noodles?

Well at least I chose noodles! That’s the important point to put across here. We went to Noodle Nation – and I ate noodles!

You regretted it.

Who is the better restaurantee here?

You regretted it! Profusely, throughout.

I regretted it but that wasn’t because I chose noodles.

You spent the whole time going “Naomi, I regret my decision. This is going on my list of Eternal Regrets.”

I regretted it because I previously – previous two occasions – had ordered soup noodle, Mai Fun with duck confit.

Yeah, you said, “Should I go for duck confit?”

Which was delicious. They give you a whole, huge leg of duck on top of some very ducky noodles.”

And then you said “Well, I can’t – I don’t think I can have it three times in a row.”

I felt guilty having the same thing three times in a row because beforehand I’d been on a rant about people who always get the same thing at restaurants. They’re really boring and so it would’ve been hypocritical of me to get the same thing three meals in a row. So then I –

Noodle Nation 4

You spent the rest of the meal sighing, saying “Urgh. Regrets.”

So then I had the decision between getting pork cha stew or king prawns. And I went for king prawns because… I don’t really know why. But I did. And I regretted the decision. I shouldn’t have gone for prawns. It still hurts me actually. Because the prawns were quite tasteless.

So your meal was… unappetising. However, um, what did you think of the overall Noodle Nation experience?

Well it took a while for us to get our bill.

Yeah they were quite busy. But I think that it’s reasonably priced and that you get generous portions.

Yes, and they give you a discount as well: 15% for students.

All in all, I’m a fan.

It’s one of your favourites.

One of my favourites.

Has become one of your favourites.

It has become one of my favourites.

Fab. I wouldn’t say that it’s my favourite. I preferred the Thai restaurant nearby, Angrid Canteen.

But my egg fried rice was –

Not that nice –

Nice and salty!

It wasn’t really fried though, was it?

There wasn’t that much egg.

It wasn’t that fried.

Ok, it wasn’t really fried…

So I would say that as egg-fried rice, it didn’t have that much egg and it wasn’t really fried – it seems like it didn’t really fit the bill.

It wasn’t nice egg-fried rice, but it was really nice, whatever it was. And my Thai green curry was delicious, so I would recommend ordering that.

I would definitely not recommend ordering that because it’s called Noodle Nation and Thai green curry is not noodles.

Well, there you go.

So all in all, the two morals we have are: don’t judge a book by its cover and more importantly, order what’s in the name of the restaurant. Thank you.

Noodle Nation 3


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