Britain’s best Chinese-Malaysian food

OXFORD: Naomi rates Zheng at 5/5 stars.

I’m pretty lucky to live on the doorstep of the best restaurant in Oxford. According to Giles Coren, it serves the best authentic Chinese-Malaysian food in the whole country.


Their salt and pepper squid is so legendary that I’ve heard rumours of people in College literally dreaming about it in their sleep… It’s seriously that good. This time I tucked into beef satay. The satay was delicious, the sauce was perfect, and it really hit the spot.

Zheng 1

I went for a friend’s surprise birthday party last week. Surprise parties are so much fun! They can be pretty difficult to coordinate but it’s always so sweet to see the birthday person’s reaction. (Having said that, some people really hate surprises, so it’s always a bit nerve-wracking for the host!)

I’d really recommend it for party groups too – they have a big room in the basement which you can book out, so you can be as noisy as you like! And we were very well looked after. They didn’t even complain when we had more people turn up than we’d booked for! Thanks/sorry, Zheng staff!

Zheng 3

Another friend had this seafood and noodles dish. I didn’t fancy sharing that though – I was too preoccupied by this beauty of a plate:

Zheng 4

My favourite by far was this Naya pittaya dish (pictured above) – egg-fried rice with king prawns, shallots, and chicken, wrapped in an egg omelette. The fried rice was packed full of flavours and the omelette was cooked just right, not too heavy, and totally addictive to taste. It was exquisitely delicious.

Zheng 2

There was glorious food, food, and more food. If you’re stopping by in Oxford, I would seriously recommend this place. Your tummy will thank me afterwards!



Author: Naomi

Twitter: @Naomified @ThinkingJaplish

2 thoughts on “AmaZheng”

  1. I miss British Chinese food! These pics are making me super jealous , glad you enjoyed the surprise party… And I’m one of those people who HATE surprises, but if it serves yummy food like this Im sure I’d forget all about it :D


    1. Thanks Ninette! Yes exactly, I’m not sure I like surprises either – but the food was so great :D Hope you get a taste of your British Chinese food soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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