An Autumnal Casserole


Before Autumn is officially over, I thought that I had better post this! A couple of weeks ago, I made a casserole for me and my friends which turned out to be delicious. It really warmed us up on a chilly evening. It was very simple and included potatoes, carrots, onion, and chicken breasts. I wanted the natural juices of the veggies and chicken to flavour the casserole really, so I only added vegetable stock and ‘mixed herbs’. I sweated the onions slightly so that they were a little caramelised, which added a subtle, sweet flavour to the dish. I could have thickened the soupy sauce with some cornflower, but instead I decided that a richer, thinner juice was more appropriate for an autumn evening.


Autumn in Oxford is beautiful. When all the trees were turning golden shades of oranges of yellow, University Parks was such a magical place. These are some photos which I took on a day when we were fortunate enough to have sunbeams shining through the trees. When I walk back to College from lectures and classes I walk through this park and the beauty of the gardens never fail to make me stop and remember how grateful I am to be here. I used to visit University Parks as a teenager, when I was just dreaming of how lucky I would be if I could go to Oxford. Walking along this path makes me feel nostalgic and grateful for getting this far!


Sadly, this tone of autumnal change only lasted a couple of weeks. Today it truly feels like winter. There are still leaves left hanging on for a little longer, but the sudden frost in the air motions that winter is approaching. It’s best to stay inside, and to wrap up warm with scarves and hot water bottles. This weather calls for more casseroles and nabe… and maybe some kareraisu!

Author: Naomi

Twitter: @Naomified @ThinkingJaplish

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