Blue skies and blossom

Spring is here and Oxford is in full bloom. We’ve had ridiculously blue skies for the past few days. I thought I’d post some shots which I took around the city, and in particular, of Magdalen College when I went there last weekend.

St Michaels 1

It’s the Easter holidays and revision for Finals is underway. Studying is definitely easier when every street is beautifully washed with golden sunshine and blossom in bloom. The pastel colours and sandstone of the buildings are glowing in the sun. This photo was captured along St Michael’s Street.

So we’re approaching Trinity Term, the summer term – and my final one in Oxford as I come to the end of my degree. I am looking forward to my last term, but it’ll be bitter sweet. I can’t wait to go punting again, for picnics in University Parks, summer Balls, and to be able to walk on the grass in my college. This weather has made me desperately long for term to start quickly – although of course I am also dreading exams!

St Michaels 3

Holywell Street is definitely the prettiest street in Oxford in my opinion. I’ve decided that one of my life dreams is going to be to own a terraced house and paint it in a pastel shade. Hm, turquoise… or maybe lilac?


Magdalen College looks majestic in the sunshine. It’s not hard to pretend that I’m at Hogwarts.

Magdalen 2

The sky was so blue last Sunday that it looked artificial! Who said England never has nice weather?!

Magdalen 3

I also took a peep inside Magdalen Chapel, home of the world-renowned Chapel Choir of Magdalen College.

Magdalen 4

Magdalen 6.jpg

Hm… this looks familiar!


Magdalen 5

Sunshine and blue skies certainly put a spring in my step. Exams will be over soon and we’ll be back with more food photos + hafu thoughts. Thanks for popping by!



Author: Naomi

Twitter: @Naomified @ThinkingJaplish

One thought on “Blue skies and blossom”

  1. Such stunning photos! I miss Holywell Street, I used to walk down there to get to the English Faculty library. I graduated almost two years ago, and I still think about Oxford every April/May. It spoils you, living there! :P


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