7 thoughts on “Welcome/ようこそ”

  1. It’s interesting how the world is changing. In future it will be full of “aliens’ or “refugees” – both lables which society translates to ‘people who’s DNA is NOT this country’ — I hope for the next-next generation the world will be a rainbow mix of cultures were their is mutual understanding thanks to bloggers like us [and I’m sure in Japan instead of ‘halfs’ their will be a new word, with nicer connotation hopefully (as calling people ‘quaters’ ‘thirds’ or even ‘8 bun no 1’ in future might be troublesome)

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  2. Hello! Interesting blog. I was born and raised in Japan so my perspectives are probably so different from you guys. Thank you for sharing! – I’m a blogger from Japan. I’m a Japanese girl living in japan and writing about Japanese culture and my thoughts about life here as well. It’s nice to see people who have something common (that is, Japan!!) if you are interested, check out my blog too as you might be interested :) nice to meet you!!


    1. Hi, thank you so much for stopping by and I’m sorry for the late response. Thanks for introducing yourself – it’s great to meet others with different experiences. I’ve had a look at your blog and I think that it’s wonderful – very thoughtfully written and beautiful pictures. I look forward to reading more! It’s so nice to meet you too and thank you for your kind words – I’m glad you like our blog! Look out for an update tomorrow :)

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